2014-15 Alabama Field Trial Association Schedule

2014     Association of Michigan Field Trial Clubs fall Schedule

2014-15 Kentucky Field Trial Association schedule

2014-15 Region 11 Annual Schedule

2014     Pennsylvania Walking Shooting Dog Schedule

2014     Field Trial Clubs of Illinois fall schedule

2015     Kansas Field Trial Clubs Association spring schedule

2014-15 North Carolina Field Trial Association schedule

2014-15 Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit schedule

2014-15 Dixie Trace Field Trial Association schedule

2014-15 Associated Field Trial Clubs of Florida schedule

2015-16 South Ga- No Florida Field Trial Association schedule

2015     Association of Michigan Field Trial Clubs spring schedule

2015-16 Region 6 Annual Schedule

2015-16 Southern Circuit Schedule

2015-16 Association of South Carolina Field Trial Clubs schedule

2015-16 Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area (VA) trials schedule

2015 Region 14 fall schedule

2013-14 Region 7 Annual Schedule





source of above schedules: The American Field and individual association secretaries

remarks from President of Region 14   includes link to Reg 14 website with trial schedule

Oklahoma Field Trial Club Association    OFTCA website which contains annual schedule as well as much other info

If you dont see your association's annual schedule above please get your secretary to email it so it can be posted.
Frank Thompson